The world’s most expensive dog collar was designed by Bark Avenue Jewelers and was on display recently at a tradeshow to launch Randolph Duke’s pet line a partnership between the designer and Bonesoir Couture.

If you really love your dog and have an extra $1,000,000 or $2,000,000 lying around you may wish to lay it on the line for this $1,800,000.00 diamond dog collar.

Seems a $250,000.00 dog collar is not good enough for fido nowadays. In 2007 the people at I Love Dogs Diamonds have surpassed the mark with their Amour Amour dog collar which boasts a doggone hundred carats+ of sparkling diamonds and exquisite jewels, including a seven carat brilliant cut center diamond.

Price tag to give your pooch the world’s most expensive dog collar: $1,800,000.00 USD.


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