Stuart Weitzman and the $2 million dollar shoes

Le Vian is an internationally recognized jewelry brand with a name and tradition that spans 500 years. Its jewelry applies the ancient arts of hand carving, beading and goldsmithing to designs at the cutting edge of modern style.

Le Vian is a house that specializes in the intricacies of gemstones, be it meticulously matching tanzanites that showcase the gem’s unique ability to reflect different hues in the spectrum of blue, or giving the traditional an unexpected twist as in its chocolate diamond collections, or cutting stones into impossible shapes if an exceptional design demands it. Whisper the name “Stuart Weitzman” to any discerning shoe-lover and you’ll inspire a reverie. Stuart Weitzman’s sumptuous pumps, glittering mules and studded stilettos are beloved by women all over the world, who embrace creations that combine impeccable style with a legendary attention to detail. Stuart Weitzman is also known for his trademark use of unique materials, from cork and vinyl to Lucite, wallpaper and 24 karat gold. Le Vian’s designer and CEO Eddie LeVian and Stuart Weitzman each brought their eye for beauty, great technical skill and a desire to create something spectacular to this extraordinary collaboration.

The Stuart Weitzman and Le Vian pair of evening shoes are true show-stoppers: a $2 million dollar creation in glistening silver leather embellished with over 185 carats of tanzanite and 28 carats of diamonds. Stunning ankle bracelets are set with museum quality tanzanite gemstones, painstakingly matched and cut by Le Vian’s master craftsmen, each crowned with a spectacular 16 carat, sparkling tanzanite drop which adorns the front of the foot. The shoes are balanced with a delicate diamond front strap that perfectly complements Stuart Weitzman’s timeless, elegant shoe design.


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