World’s Most Expensive Guitar

A signed Fender Standard Series Stratocaster has become the world’s most expensive guitar, fetching a massive $2.8 million at auction in Doha, Qatar. Auctioned to aid victims of the 2004 tsunami disaster, the guitar broke the previous record held by Eric Clapton’s $959,500.00 black strat.

According to the Fender website, “the idea started when Fender Europe’s Jamie Crompton contacted Bryan Adams to see how people from the music industry could reach out to help the victims of such a devastating natural disaster. Bryan got his phone book out and rang nineteen of rock’s most treasured artists to sign a Standard Series Fender Stratocaster guitar, donated by Jamie and Fender Europe.”

Artists who signed:

– Jimmy Page
– Eric Clapton
– Mick Jagger
– Brian May
– Liam Gallagher
– Jeff Beck
– Pete Townshend
– Ray Davies
– David Gilmour
– Bryan Adams
– Tony Iommi
– Mark Knopfler
– Angus Young
– Malcolm Young
– Keith Richards
– Ronnie Wood
– Paul McCartney
– Sting
– Noel Gallagher


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